Music which was composed and performed  at the Russian Court in 18th cent.



Johan Helmich Roman. Excerpts from "Golovinmusiken" (1728)


Luigi Madonis. Sonata X F-dur für Violine und Basso continuo (1738, dedicated to Tzarin Anna Ioannovna)


Baldassare Galuppi. Concerto a quattro g-moll 


Joseph Haydn. Quartett h-moll op.33 (dedicated to Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich)




Giovanni Piantanida. Trio-Sonata G-dur (composed right after St. Petersburg Tour, 1742)


Ivan Khandoshkin. Duo or Variations on russian songs for 2 violins


Anton Ferdinand Titz. Quartett a-moll (1802, dedicated to Tzar Alexander I )


Giovanni Mane Giornovichi. Final "Kamarinskaja" from Concerto XIII A-dur for violin and orchestra. 



Baroque ensemble "Ludus Instrumentalis"