«Les goûts-réunis» (Styles reunited)

or «The Peace on Parnassus»

Part 1. Struggle (42 min.)


A.Corelli (1653-1713). Trio Sonata VIII C major from opus 3






J.-B.Lully (1632-1687). From “Trio pour la coucher du Roi”:




-Dans nos bois Silvandre s'ecrie



A.Vivaldi (1678-1741). Trio-Sonata V F major from opus 1, RV69



F.Couperin (1668-1733). From «Les Nations»: Premier Ordre «La Françoise»

1.               (Sonade)

Gravement – gayement – rondement – gayement – gravement – vivement

Air. gracieusement – gayement

2.               Allemande (sans lenteur)

3.               Première Courante (noblement)

4.               Seconde Courante (un peu plus viste)

5.               Sarabande (gravement)

6.               Gigue (gayement)

7.               Chaconne ou Passacaille (modérément)

8.               Gavote

9.               Menuet






Part 2. Conciliation (40 min.)

F.Couperin. L'Apotheose de Lully

1. Lulli in the Elysian Fields consorting with the lyric shades
2. Air for the same
3. Mercury's flight to the Elysian Fields to announce that Apollo will descend there
4. Descent of Apollo, who comes to offer his violin to Lulli and his place on Parnassus
5. Subterranean rumble caused by composers contemporary with Lulli
6. Complaints by the same
7. Elevation of Lulli to Parnassus
8. A reception, half agreeable, half distraught, of Lulli by Corelli and the Italian Muses
9. Lulli's thanks to Apollo
10. Apollo persuades Lulli and Corelli that a union of French and Italian styles must form the perfection of music (Essay in the form of an overture)
1. Air léger (Lulli plays the melody and Corelli the accompaniment)
12. Second air (Corelli plays the melody and Lulli the accompaniment)
13. The Peace of Parnassus (Trio Sonata): Gravement-Sally:Vivement-Rondement-Vivement


G.Ph.Telemann (1681-1767). Sonata-Corellisante b minor



III.Adagio e staccato

IV.Allegro assai




C.P.E.Bach (1712-1788). Trio-Sonata B flat major, Wq.158






Baroque ensemble “Ludus Instrumentalis”:

Evgeny Sviridov, Anna Dmitrieva – baroque violin

Davit Melkonyan – cello

Elizaveta Solovey – theorbo


Stanislav Gres – harpsichord