NEW CD with Sonatas and Capriccios of Franz Benda is out now!

In the summer of 2010, a Russian violinist named Yevgeny Sviridov took part in the Leipzig Bach Competition. And he returned home as the winner - much to the surprise of his St. Petersburg teacher, who had known nothing about it. A year later, the young man's debut CD was released, and people were speechless because he played "so fresh, so lively, so full of life, as if he had just invented this music". Back then he did this with Johann Sebastian Bach and Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, now he devotes himself to the Bohemian composer and violinist Franz Benda on cpo, who - coming from the most modest of backgrounds - made a "career" at the court of Frederick II of Prussia. And once again it becomes clear that Sviridov doesn't like pigtails: after just a few bars, the long-time director of Concerto Köln shows us that music is indeed an overwhelming speech of sound, and in doing so he saves us the trouble of reading many clever books ...


"This recording of works by Franz Benda has it all: repertoire value, joy of playing, chamber music perfection, unpretentious virtuosity and a recording technique that produces pure aural naturalness with a hint of reverberation. Reason, therefore, for top marks." (Klassik heute)

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The Tartini CD got the "Preis der deutschen Schallplatenkritik"2019 !

"Mit ihren unübersehbar vielen Trillern, ihrem virtuosen Passagenwerk sowie mit endlosen Doppel- und Tripelgriffen verlangen die Violinsonaten von Giuseppe Tartini dem Solisten einiges an Technik ab – und doch Evgeny Sviridov gelingt das Kunststück, dies alles in den Dienst eines sehr sensiblen und poetischen Ausdrucks zu stellen. Sein Geigenton besticht durch eine immense Kantabilität und durch subtile Nuancen, seine Artikulation ist sehr rhetorisch, seine Phrasierung schlägt weite, emphatische Bögen. Ein besseres Plädoyer für den spätbarocken Eigenbrötler Tartini ist derzeit kaum vorstellbar." (Für die Jury: Matthias Hengelbrock)

Giuseppe Tartini. Sonatas for violin and basso continuo, op.1 and Sonatas for violin solo "del Tasso"

Evgeny Sviridov - baroque violin

Davit Melkonyan - baroque cello

Stanislav Gres - harpsichord

"Ricercar" label 

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