"Ludus Instrumentalis" - baroque ensemble

           "Ludus" was founded in 2014 in St-Petersburg, and since 2015 all members have been living in Cologne: violinists Evgeny Sviridov and Anna Dmitrieva, cellist Davit Melkonyan, harpsichordist Stanislav Gres, viola player Corina Golomoz and lute player Liza Solovey.  

             In September 2015 “Ludus Instrumentalis” was honoured 1st Prize at Berliner-Bach Competition in Berlin. In 2016 followed 1st Prize and Audience Prize at “Alte Musik Competition” in Saarland as well as 1st Prize at "Brothers-Graun" Competition in Bad Liebenwerda. An increasing career is confirmed by invitations from major festival in Europe: Bachfest in Leipzig, Koethener Bachfesttage, Oude Muziek Utrecht, MA festival Bruges, Potsdamer Festspiele Sanssouci, Festival "Haut Jura" in France, ZAMUS Fest für Alte Musik in Cologne, and many others. 

              In 2018 Ludus was Ensemble-in-residence in Rheinsberg in the castle of Friedrich the Great and successfully performed there circle of concerts as Rheinsberger Hofkapelle. 

              The ensemble's repertoire includes music from early baroque till early romanticism. In 2020 Ludus participated in the project "Being Ludwig Van" (part of Knechtsteden Festival), where it recorded "Grosse Fuge" by Beethoven.  Apart from works by well-known baroque composers “Ludus Instrumentalis” also discovers and performs music of forgotten composers, for example russian court music of 18th century. Also in 2020 the ensemble played with world famous countertenor Valer Sabadus, performed among baroque repertoire also an arranged song of "Led Zeppelin". 

             In 2021 a CD of the ensemble with chamber music of J.G.Goldberg, famous pupil of J.S.Bach, was released. Also in this year the ensemble performed on MA Festival in Brugge and on "Forum Alte Musik" in Cologne. 




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If there is one student of Johann Sebastian Bach whom posterity has definitely not forgotten, it is Johann Gottlieb Goldberg. However, he owes this destiny to his position as harpsichordist to Count Keyserling: during the latter’s bouts of insomnia, it was Goldberg’s task to play for him the famous variations that he had commissioned from the Leipzig Kantor. This has probably long obscured the fact that Goldberg was also an excellent composer. Aside from his only two surviving cantatas (already recorded by Ricercar), his output is essentially instrumental, and the genre of the trio sonata occupies an appreciable place within it. Here are his complete trio sonatas, along with a sonata in C major at one time attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1037).

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Tomaso Albinoni:

J.-M.Leclair Duo for 2 violins :

Recording by Radio Saarbrücken :

From Bachfest in Leipzig :